Dance and Movement

In collaboration with The Recover Project, The Salasin Project offers weekly Dance and Movement groups.

Journey Dance is held the 1st week of the month with Ruth(women only) and the 3rd week of the month with Jean(any gender).

Chakra Dance Party! meets the Second and Fourth Tuesdays-facilitated by Bekki(women only).  If there is a Fifth Tuesday, we offer a Family Dance and invite parents and caregivers to enjoy dancing with their children.  All youth require adult present.

Both Journey Dance, Chakra Dance Party! and Family Dance are dance movement and music sessions with some spoken guidance for participants to aid in moving to the music. Some relaxation and warm up/cool down time is also offered at the beginning and the end.  Please plan to stay for the whole hour to experience the entire benefit of each session. The group is intended for adult participants with the exception of 5th Tuesday Family Dance. Folks are encouraged to go at their own pace so people with varying mobility are welcome to check it out! (We always recommend checking in with a medical professional before undertaking any new physical exertion.)

Dance and Movement sessions take place at The RPX-enter at 1 Osgood Street in Greenfield. No registration is necessary, drop ins welcome – attend one time or regularly! We meet from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM on Tuesday evenings.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing if you plan to attend. Most folks remove their shoes. Please bring water as well.

For more information about Journey Dance, Chakra Dance Party!, Family Dance or The Salasin Center’s other healing arts programs, please contact us at 774-4307 extension 4.

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