Parent Education

The Nurturing Families Parenting Program

Co-sponsored by the Salasin Project and the Recover Project, two programs of The Consortium

The Nurturing Program for Families in Substance Related Treatment and Recovery, is a 16 week, evidence based course curriculum designed to offer adult caregivers educational information about human growth and development.  This program explores the impact of substance use and domestic violence on children and families.  With each stage of development, individuals internalize personal messages that allow us to become comfortable and confident within ourselves.  We typically get what we need for emotional health from our caregivers; however, if we do not get our needs met during childhood we do have the opportunity to become aware of and address those needs as adults.  The topics from week to week are designed to strengthen the positive self-esteem of participants and to encourage strength-based models for guiding behaviors in children.

To receive a certificate of completion, one must complete 13 weeks of class attendance, if a person misses 3 or more consecutive weeks of class the count towards a certificate becomes “0”.

This group requires registration.  Please contact (413) 774-4307 Extension 3 to sign up.



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