Individual Support

We provide supports for individuals and families who have experienced domestic violence. Each family’s needs are unique, and the support provided to each family will be different. Our supports focus on helping families to find ways to meet their immediate safety and basic needs, and to begin the process of healing from their experiences of violence.

We do this by:  

  • Focusing on the needs of the individual/family as expressed by the individual/family.
  • Looking to the individual’s/family’s own strength, awareness and experiences as resources for healing.
  • Offer individuals/families opportunities to identify a variety of strategies to address feelings of stress, isolation and shame.
  • Work with parents through Child Enrichment to assist with a variety of parenting concerns and questions
  • Offering support to create plans for meeting basic needs including:
    • safety
    • housing
    • utilities
    • clothing, food, transportation
    • childcare
    • other needs as determined by the individual/ family
    • referrals to supports within the larger community

 The Salasin Project is a Program of the Western Mass Training Consortium and is funded by The Department of Public Health. To find out more about other Consortium programs you can visit


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